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With doors, decks and a WRB all needing to work together to keep water out, how will you know if the waterproofing is done right?
Joists notched for utility lines leaves deck weakened . Our expertise spotted this major problem and the prospective buyer was able to have all repairs made to correct the code deficiency.
A recent deck inspections found this “minor” shifting issue with a footing.

Bill Leys – Waterproofing Consultant & Pedestrian Traffic Coating Expert

I have been in the field of construction waterproofing since 2003 when I started my career with an Orange County based deck waterproofing contractor managing their Central Coast Division. After that company shut it’s doors, I went to work for one of the biggest and best waterproofing firms in California, running the San Luis Obispo division of Pro-Coat Systems.

Founded www.deckexpert.com in 2003, the webs first site for pedestrian traffic coating information.

In 2007 I obtained a California contractors license and opened my own company. Central Coast Waterproofing was a leader in installing below grade waterproofing systems and pedestrian deck coatings to roof decks and balconies for clients from Los Angeles to San Francisco and everywhere in between. My reputation as an expert in pedestrian traffic coatings was cemented with my pioneering methods and practices waterproofing roof decks and balconies.

In 2017 I was recruited by one of the largest and most respected architectural engineering firms, Allana Buick & Bers, located in Palo Alto CA. I relocated to the San Francisco Bay and worked for 2+ years learning about various waterproofing systems, roofing, fenestrations, building cladding and WRB systems as a construction monitor.

I saw the value of having a construction quality assurance monitor on job sites, where I was catching problems as they occurred, that then allowed changes or corrections to be immediately made. Clients saw our value when they have a better weather resistant building that lasts longer with less water intrusion issues because quality assurance observations caught defects and mistakes before they were buried under the finishes.

William Leys Waterproofing Consultants is ready to provide it’s “field learned” expertise as contractors and quality assurance observations to building owners, architects, general contractors and attorney’s on your jobs.

Contact me today for assistance on your project.

PO Box 14438
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

SB-326 Deck inspections, roofing & waterproofing consultants who specialize in working with HOA's and building owners.

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