Articles & PowerPoint Presentations By Bill Leys

It has always been my goal to help deliver factual unbiased information. To that end I’ve written a number of articles that have been published in various magazines such as Journal of Light Construction, Professional Deck Builder, ECHO Journal, APRA newsletters, Channels of Communication etc.

I’ve also done a fair number of presentations to various groups, including CAI National, JLC Live, APRA & others. Below you’ll find my articles available free for downloading, along with several of my Powerpoints. I encourage you to flip through them. They are not narrated (I hope to do them again with narration in the near future).

I hope you’ll find these useful and when the time comes that you need a waterproofing consultant or an SB 326 Balcony inspection you’ll think of us for a quote on your project.

SB-326 Deck inspections, roofing & waterproofing consultants who specialize in working with HOA's and building owners.

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