Building Envelope Consulting & Testing Services

Architects, Building Owners & Property Managers finally have a local source for building envelope consulting & testing services. William Leys Waterproofing Consultants LLC brings their years of waterproofing experience to the San Luis Obispo area.

If you are an architect, we can do peer reviews of your building envelope designs for your projects in planning stages. Our hands on practical experience in the field translates well into knowing what works in reality and what doesn’t. We can help you keep your building dry.

Building owners can take advantage of our roof evaluation services; including leak detection on low slope roofs, evaluations for future service life, consultations and advice specifications for replacement of the roof. Ask us about other leak detection services we can offer, such as ASTM e1105 Spray Rack testing and storefront window testing.

Property Managers have an independent local source for help with their building envelope problems on their managed property. We can help you with roof replacement projects, leak testing, below grade moisture intrusion problems and much more.

We’ve been in the field performing quality assurance monitoring, water testing window assemblies, performing roof surveys and know how to find and recommend repairs for your buildings water intrusion issues.

We are currently offering the following building envelope testing and consulting services-

Destructive Testing Observations-for litigation support we can observe the destructive testing of building materials related to building envelope issues and provide expert witness reports and testimony.

Roof Consulting- for building owners, architects and property managers who need a unbiased consulting firm who isn’t selling anything to you but it’s expertise in roofs. Roof contractors sell roofs. Is it the right roof for you? Are their other options? There is but you won’t get that information from our roof contractor. You will with us. We look for solutions that work with your needs and budget along with the values of each roof solution.

Roof Leak Inspections Roof leaks are a big problem-for building owners, for tenants, for the building and can cost a lot of money to repair the problem if it’s left unchecked. Our roof scanning services finds where moisture is and narrows down the source of the leak. Often repairs can be made if the leak is caught early enough and the damage is contained.

Peer Review-you have plans, we do peer reviews of your building envelope designs. With our experience in the field actually installing and observing the installation of WRB’s (Weather Resistant Barriers), we know what works, what may not and what may be a better value in the long term for the building.

SB-326 Deck inspections, roofing & waterproofing consultants who specialize in working with HOA's and building owners.

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