Building Wellness Exams by William Leys Waterproofing Consultants LLC

Is Your Building Envelope Suffering From Illness? Our Building Wellness Exams Will Diagnose Your Buildings Ills and Get You Back On The Road to Recovery!

Is your building envelope healthy and thriving? Or is your building envelope suffering from the constant assaults by Mother Nature, wear and tear, neglect and age? Property Condition Assessments are the official name for what we term a Building Wellness Exam.

With our Building Wellness Exam, you’ll know how your building envelope’s health is doing. What is a building envelope you might ask? Simply put, a building envelope consists of the various waterproofing and water resistant products that keep your buildings dry and habitable.

Roofs are part of your building envelope. They keep water out. Waterproof decks are part of your building envelope, so are windows and doors. Siding such as T-111 Plywood, James Hardy Hardiboard, PVC, Brick, Stucco, Engineered wood, cedar or redwood shingles are all various types of siding used on buildings. Behind these materials though is the WRB, short for Weather Resistant Barrier.

Windows and doors are part of the building envelope too! Flashings around roofs and decks and building transitions are part of the building envelope as well. Gutters are not part of a building envelope but play a large role in water management, in getting water off the building and away from the building.

All these separate items must be properly integrated together during construction to work in harmony with each other, and they must be inspected, maintained and repaired as needed. But who can do the inspections? William Leys Waterproofing Consultants LLC can, that’s who!

We perform Building Wellness Exams in conformance with ASTM E2018-15 Standard Guide For Property Condition Assessments. This comprehensive Guide lays out how, and what is inspected visually and with that we have a specific checklist developed for your building envelope wellness checkup with over 100 items that we inspect. Along with the checkup results that tell you how that component is doing, we also give you recommendations for repairs and maintenance of deficient items.

When you have building wellness checkups performed annually, you will be able to see patterns emerge for what needs to be maintained and when, your reserve study will be better because it is more accurate on predictive maintenance and costs and you’ll be able to head off major costs to replace deteriorated building envelope components. All building components have a finite life, but with proper maintenance and regular building wellness checkups, your components will reach their maximum usable life spans and perhaps even beyond!

When you hire us to perform a building wellness exam, you can be confident knowing that you have retained experts in building envelope systems. Principal Bill Leys has worked in construction waterproofing building envelopes, performed quality assurance observations for major institutions and notable building projects throughout California, and has a reputation for being uncompromising in his principles and knowledge of the building envelope.

Contact us today for a quote on your HOA’s Building Wellness Checkup, and make it an annual event. Your buildings will pay you back many times over by performing as they should be. Undergoing a capital improvement project? Ask about our quality assurance monitoring service.

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