Forensic Building Investigations

If you are aware of leaks in your building or believe you have latent (hidden) or obvious construction defects relating to waterproofing, we offer a variety of investigative services. It is important to know your rights when it comes to leaky buildings and defects. You may have up to 10 years after completion of construction to discover latent (hidden) defects, and up to 4 years if the defects is obvious. To a lay person, obvious defects may be overlooked as “normal”.

We offer several services for building owners who suspect problems.

Non-Destructive Observations-Some defects are observable and obvious. For these we perform a visual investigation/observation of the problem area and document it with photograph’s and provide a written report with photograph’s and a site map showing where the issues we observed are located. Thermal imaging is available as an option via a 3rd party contractor we team up with. Low cost method to start with.

Minimal Invasive Testing-Using special camera’s, we can perform building cavity investigations of suspect areas where 5/8″ holes are drilled into the building to insert a camera inside the building and photograph the area. The holes can be easily patched over. Medium cost method that provides better information to the client.

Destructive Testing-When leaks show up in a building without an obvious entry point, destructive testing is often the best option to finding the leak and discovering why it leaks. Methodical removal of materials at the suspect area can often reveal hidden latent defects in the waterproofing system. All removed materials are numbered, catalogued, documented and retained for evidence. This method is the most costly, however, it leaves little to dispute if defects are uncovered.

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