William Leys Waterproofing Consultants LLC – Professional SB-326 Balcony Inspectors & Waterproofing Consultants

Thank you for visiting William Leys Waterproofing Consultants LLC, located in Arroyo Grande CA.

We specialize in helping HOA’s with waterproofing issues, SB 326 Inspections and Building Wellness Check-ups. Our owner & President of the company, Bill Leys has over 20 years of experience as a waterproofing contractor, quality assurance observer and sales and estimating for several waterproofing firms.

We have a team of Structural Engineers, Architects and the best manufacturer’s assembled and ready to quickly assist with their services in order to serve your needs fast and efficiently.

Please browse our pages detailing our various services that we offer. Reach out to us byusing our contact us box on the left side of the page, or call us directly at 805-801-2380. We look forward to serving you and helping you with your waterproofing problems.

SB-326 Balcony inspection, roofing & waterproofing consultants specializing in working with HOA's.

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