Quality Assurance Projects

Foothill College Los Altos CA 2018-2019 monitored the complete roofing project including demo of existing materials, installation of hot asphalt BUR, cedar shingle roof system and beam repairs. Public Works project

DeAnza College Cupertino CA 2019 Monitored Reroofing of the planetarium building, new stucco and waterproofing dome. Public Works project.

1640 Broadway Oakland CA 2018-2019 Monitored the 34th floor roof deck waterproofing using a torch down system over poly iso board and concrete board. A Lennar property, built by Build Group

Louise Packard Children’s Hospital Palo Alto CA 2018-2019 Monitored the installing of hot rubber systems on podium decks, planters and split slab systems. Private construction project.

New Stanford Hospital Palo Alto CA 2019 Monitored the installation of 3 waterproofing (redundant over critical areas) systems over the operating rooms below. Roof decks are green decks with water retention systems to slow water flowing off roof.

W Comstock Avenue Seattle WA 2018 New condominiums monitoring windows, doors, WRB installation.

Forensic Investigation Projects

XXX Fairview Ojai CA 2017 Forensic inspection of a failing deck on a private estate home. The deck had been recently repaired and re-waterproofed, but it wasn’t long before the new coating began cracking and bubbling. Investigation found many deficiencies in the contractors work. With our report, the client was able to make a successful recovery against the contractor.

XXX Stoneridge Drive San Luis Obispo Forensic investigation utilizing our Milwaukee digital camera scope and a Wagner moisture meter. A deck over a garage had water stains on the ceiling after it rained on this just recently purchased property. The new owner called and had us inspect. Using inspection camera and a moisture meter we were able to identify Unfortunately areas of concern where we found high moisture content at several areas suspected of leaking. Drains and roofing materials were later found to be leaking. This owner was not able to recover as she had done due diligence but the inspection excluded roofs and decks for water tightness.

Deck Inspection Projects

XXX Channel Pointe Court Marina Del Rey 2017 An estate quality home with a large roof deck raised the home inspectors suspicions when they inspected it as part of a buyer performing due diligence on the property. Our secondary inspection found much to be concerned about via a visual only inspection. Cracked tiles, efflorescence, signs of water intrusion, signs of recent repairs to fix water intrusion; it all added up to the buyer making an offer to purchase with the estimated cost of repairs lowering the sale price by apx $150,000.

XXXX Our Hill Road Paso Robles A home for sale with decks raised the suspicions of a home inspector. Our secondary inspection of extensive decking covered with Mexican tile found numerous areas of dry-rot, mold/mildew and rotted wood and substrate due to a leaky waterproofing system. The client walked away from the deal after negotiations failed to reach a compromise on the sales price being reduced by the estimated $300,000 needed in repairs.

Quality Observation project in Seattle WA windows and siding
Rusting railings present an expensive challenge to replace.
Fungus dry-rot underneath a tiled deck, a sure sign of water intrusion!
Forensic investigation of a failing deck system.

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