Construction Monitoring

Our construction monitoring service is designed to give the building owner, the architect and the general contractor peace of mind knowing that a waterproofing expert is observing and monitoring the installation of the buildings waterproofing systems. We monitor and observe the installation of below grade waterproofing systems, WRB for cladding, decks, windows and doors and the roof system.

William Leys Waterproofing Consultants LLC can provide your job with either part time or full time quality assurance monitoring services related to the installation of waterproofing and water resistant barriers. We inspect the job site prior to the beginning of the job, inspect the materials delivered to the job, log batch numbers/expiration dates, verify quantities for correct coverage and document all information on our site visit report complete with documentary photographs. A link to our master file of all job photographs is provided to you as well for downloading into your files.

Reduce litigation, leaks and increase your buildings waterproofing systems longevity. Contact us today for more information and rates. We are the building owners and architects eyes and ears, protecting your investment.

Our gallery below shows some of what we do and some of what we find during inspections…

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SB-326 Deck inspections, roofing & waterproofing consultants who specialize in working with HOA's and building owners.

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