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Leaky Windows Plague a Recently Built Home – Our Thermal Camera Reveals Interesting Results

We recently acquired a FLIR Thermal Camera/Moisture meter for our toolbox, and it didn’t take long to put it to work. A client suffered from water leaks in 3 sets of casement windows and at a sliding door on his 1 1/2 year old home during the storms in January.

Our FLIR Thermal Camera in action. Cooler temps show up as blue, warmer temps show up as white/grey. There is either no insulation in the wall or it is wet.

We took this unfortunate problem as an opportunity to use our Thermal Camera to “see” what the problems might be. It appears, pending further testing, that the window areas and walls where the 6 leaky windows were reported, have moisture in the walls. To confirm the results, we took the image below of a window/wall without any reported leakage.

Thermal image shows white/grey walls which in thermal language is a warmer temp, indicating that the wall is dry.

Using a thermal camera can quickly find and pinpoint where leaks may be hiding; and verifying it with destructive testing on the exterior will be the next step.

When it comes to leak detection and investigation, the experts at William Leys Waterproofing Consultants LLC can help you find the leak, identify the source and write a report for use in getting repairs made by your builder.

Don’t go it alone, the builder wants to spend as little as possible on “go-backs” and repairs, and your home and your family’s health may be at risk-mold, mildew, fungus infestations happen quickly.

Call us today if you are experiencing leaks, moldy odors and bad faith builders who seem to be brushing you off. We have experience investigating leaks and testifying in depositions and acting as expert waterproofing experts.